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Movie Title : Shopgirl
Directors : Anand Tucker
Starring : Steve Martin, Claire Danes, Jason Schwartzman
Genre : Comedy/Drama/Romance
Year of Release : 2005
Movie Length : 104 minutes
My rating - A+(best)~F-(worst) : A
Short description/summary of the movie :
The story follows Mirabelle, a disenchanted salesgirl and aspiring artist who sells gloves and accessories at a department store. She has two men in her life: wealthy divorcee Ray Porter (Steve Martin) and struggling musician Jeremy. Mirabelle falls in love with the glamorous Ray, and her life takes a magical turn, but eventually she realizes that she must empower herself and make a choice between them.

My Thoughts : I loved this! Dating is such a pain and so confusing and this captured it perfectly. Love love love.

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