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Happy Feet

Movie Title : Happy Feet
Directors : George Miller
Starring : Elijah Wood, Nicole Kidman, Brittany Murphy (voices)
Genre :  Animation
Year of Release : 2006
Movie Length :  109 minutes
My rating - A+(best)~F-(worst) :  B
Short description/summary of the movie :
In the cold land of Antarctica, the Emperor Penguins each express their true love with a special heartsong of their own that expresses their very being. However, the misfit Mumble cannot sing, but instead has an extraordinary talent to tap dance with almost magical energy and expression. Nevertheless, the deeply conformist leadership of the colony fearfully blames the young penguin's unorthodox ways for the lean fishing that threatens them all. Defiant in the face of unjust rejection, Mumble and his true friends set out to find the true cause of the famine. Through the motley crew's trials and perils, Mumble learns many things about his frozen world, not the least of which being that his toe tapping talent may be what he needs to save his people

My Thoughts : Cute movie, good animation, good singing. The story was a little odd, but so are tap dancing penguins!

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